BBN works at the heart of machines by designing high precision spindles and ensuring top-tier servicing. Spindle certification guarantees the durability of the core component of all machining tools: the spindle.


Building on its commitment to the tried-and-tested values of quality, reliability and durability it has espoused since the day it was founded, BBN has established itself as a top-tier partner in the manufacture of new customized spindles, the servicing of high precision spindles and the predictive maintenance of spindles.

BBN SA - philosophie - Neuchâtel Suisse



  • Ensuring the manufacture and servicing of spindles while respecting the most stringent quality criteria.
  • Maintaining and continually developing the technical expertise and individual capabilities of the BBN team, supported by a dynamic approach geared towards the success of clients and the company.
  • Safeguarding the quality of the processes and procedures involved so as to deliver the highest-quality products and services at all times.


  • Ensuring compliance with deadlines and meticulous handling of the spindles entrusted to it.


  • Establishing a relationship with clients that is built on a long-term partnership of trust.
  • Ensuring the durability of the spindles manufactured, serviced and certified thanks to exacting work methods that place an emphasis on reliability and comply with specific quality criteria in the field of high precision spindles.

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